Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gumtree shop and cafe, Hermosa Beach, CA

I hope that everyone has had a great day!  I thought that I would tell you all about my absolute most favorite restaurant in the south bay.  That spectacular cafe happens to be Gumtree shop and cafe!  It is owned by Will and Lori, a husband and wife duo.  Gumtree is a charming, little, refurbished beach house just up the street from the beach.  I can't go a week without getting my Gumtree fix!  Will works the cafe.  He was born in Australia then later moved to the states. Will is the the kindest, goofiest Aussie out there.  He has the best taste when it comes to Australian cuisine. Gumtree has the tastiest grill-pressed sandwiches and homemade soups.  You will always find yourself leaving the cafe with a happy belly.  Lori works the shop.  She was born and raised in Manhattan Beach and is the nicest, most lady-like woman you will ever meet.  Lori has the most impeccable style!  You will never find yourself leaving Gumtree's shop without buying something cute whether it's a Chan Luu bracelet or a stylish  accessory for your home.  Lori and Will make you feel at home every time that you enter Gumtree.  They live a truly bohemian life!  So if you're in the area, check out Gumtree and you will surely become addicted like I have.

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