Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Introducing: TGIF Artist

Hey guys! I have recently been posting a lot of songs that I think rock. While I've doing that, I realized that there are so many artist that I really couldn't live without. So I've decided to introduce TGIF Artist, a weekly post with an amazing artist featured in it. You can expect a post every Friday. Hey, I can't leave you guys hangin' without some great tunes to listen to over the weekend! I guarantee you a summer filled with the most amazing tunes you have ever heard!

So I realize that it's not Friday but I'll share with you right now one of my favorite bands of all time. This past Friday I went to an Arctic Monkeys concert in Hollywood. It was AMAZING to say the least! I am stoked to introduce my first TGIF artist to you all,  the Arctic Monkeys!!!

Here are some of my favorite songs of theirs and some pics that I took at the concert on Friday.

(Their new album Suck It And See comes out TODAY! They played a few of the new songs at the concert and they rock! BUY IT NOW!!!)



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